Author: Katie

While the shining sun may be a convenient and free source of Vitamin D, it is not necessarily the safest. The warm sun rays may make you feel good while you’re sunbathing, but they can have long-lasting, sometimes fatal, repercussions. The fact that UV rays can cause deadly skin cancer is real and we need to be careful when it comes to tanning in the sun. However, a lot of people look to sunbathing as a source of getting their daily dose of vitamin D. More and more people are suffering from serious vitamin D deficiencies that can have damaging effects on our health. A good vitamin D level is essential for a healthy immune system.
With the summer season in full swing, many of us get our swimsuits out and hit the beach. Now, baking in the sun for hours on end may seem like the ultimate way to get a bronzed tan, it’s actually not. Sunbathing will not only give you leathery, wrinkly skin, the harsh UV rays can cause skin cancer. Indoor sunless tanning is the smartest way to get the gleaming faux glow you see on magazine covers come swimsuit season. But are you worried your tan won’t last you long and you’ll have to resort spending the summer fussing over your tan? We’ve got some inside tricks for you that will ensure the bronze stays!
Tanning can offer countless benefits, if done properly. The warmth and light provided by the sun helps in improving the mood and the health.
The warmer season is on its way. And that means time for the leather jackets and wooly sweaters to retire! It also means it’s time to get that summer tan going on. Getting the perfect bronzed goddess look is as simple as a trip to a tanning salon. No need to spend hours lying in the sun trying to get the perfect tan; with a spray tan, you’ll be sporting just the right sun-kissed glow this summer. A spray tan is your perfect tanning solution; you don’t need to fear turning into an orange pumpkin or risk looking unnatural. A professionally done indoor tanning session will result in a gorgeous glow that will definitely make your summer better. But if it’s your first time stepping foot inside a spray tan booth, hold on! Read these tips before you get your tan done.
A sun-kissed skin is the hallmark of vitality and health. A glowing tan is what many of us are after this summer season. We want our skin to be absolutely radiant in all its bronze glory. While the risk of skin cancer strikes sunbathing out of the equation, indoor sunless tanning is a much more feasible alternative. It will help you get the tan of your summer dreams without putting you at risk of contracting a melanoma. UV light is a double-edged sword; although prolonged exposure can result in cancerous skin cells, UV light is also beneficial for overall well-being. It provides you with Vitamin D which is essential for vitality. When done in moderation, indoor tanning can mimic the benefits of UV light without exposing you too much. Here are a few benefits of indoor tanning.

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