Making the Most of Your Tanning Appointments


Making the Most of Your Tanning Appointments

If you live in what is possibly one of the second most cloudy places in the U.S., Muskegon, Michigan, tanning and getting your tan on can be quite the treat. That being said if you’re going to take the time and money out to go and get yourself a tan at a salon, you want to make sure you’re making the most of it!

There are things you can do that benefit your tanning session results and general skin health as well as things that do not. Over the course of this blog, we’re going to delve into some of the things you can do to make the most of that tanning appointment!

Clean Up

A full-on exfoliation treatment isn’t a common thing, but a nice warm shower and scrub are quite helpful for clean up. Did you know a shower isn’t the best way to get a deep skin cleanse! This is because your only removing whats on the surface of the skin. Where with an exfoliation treatment you expose a deeper and younger layer of skin which can help you to obtain a deeper tan, and a shower and scrub will only remove the surface level dead cells.

The result, an enhanced glow and an even tan!



There are a number of lotions, creams, oil rubs and other products that you can use— both before and after a tanning session. Some pre-tan products are even designed especially for use in tanning beds. At Glo, we offer a wide variety of tanning products.

Ask the professionals at your tanning salon to recommend the best available products or to simply provide them if they have them on sale in house. These products will not just improve the quality of your tan but will also protect your skin from harm.

Products you can use post tan are mainly geared towards skin soothing, care, and recovery. Again, these are important so that your skin heals well without losing the tan you recently acquired.

Make sure any products you use are of exceptional quality.

Skin Survey

Quality tanning salons might even offer you the option of a skin survey. This is done to identify your skin type so that professionals can be clearer on what kind of tanning will suit you best. It will also help professionals determine what your maximum safe tan time is and if you will be suited to certain treatments. Last but not least, the survey helps you and the professional working with you to pick exactly what will bring out the best in your skin and tone!

Extending Lotions

Ask your tanning specialist about tan extension lotions. These are lotions that help extend your tan for a longer duration. You do however need to be careful when you pick them so only do this with professional approval.

Keep Going

Too much or excessive tanning is highly detrimental. A brief weekly or bi-weekly session, not so much! Approach your tanning with some regularity as this will allow your skin and body to both respond as well as to adjust better to the tan bed or unit!


These are a few of the things you could do to really give your tan a boost and make those sessions count. If you’re looking for indoor tanning salon in Muskegon, Michigan, even better! Our highly trained and experienced tanning specialists will be more than happy to furnish you with even more great tips and pointers while you kick back and make the best of our state of the art tanning units! See you if we see you and happy tanning regardless!

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