The Various Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Various Benefits of Indoor Tanning

The Various Benefits of Indoor Tanning

A sun-kissed skin is the hallmark of vitality and health. A glowing tan is what many of us are after this summer season. We want our skin to be absolutely radiant in all its bronze glory.

While the risk of skin cancer strikes sunbathing out of the equation, indoor sunless tanning is a much more feasible alternative. It will help you get the tan of your summer dreams without putting you at risk of contracting a melanoma.

UV light is a double-edged sword; although prolonged exposure can result in cancerous skin cells, UV light is also beneficial for overall well-being. It provides you with Vitamin D which is essential for vitality. When done in moderation, indoor tanning can mimic the benefits of UV light without exposing you too much.

Here are a few benefits of indoor tanning.

It Gives You Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for your overall health. It helps your body absorb calcium which helps the strengthening of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also believed to prevent blood pressure, colon and breast cancer, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), arthritis, osteoporosis, and fighting off depression.

While the sun is a good source of vitamin D, sunbathing is not recommended for safety purposes. Indoor tanning is a safer alternative that provides UV light in measured doses, which in turn stimulates the production of vitamin D.

It Can Help With Certain Skin Conditions

UV light has shown to have various benefits for certain skin conditions. Measured amounts of UV light in indoor tanning will help promote the healing of acne, psoriasis, and eczema. UV light curtails the production of excessive oil and maintains a healthy balance. Tanning also helps in lessening the appearance of stretch marks.

Can Help With Certain Skin Conditions

It Can Help with the Visibility of Acne Scars

Indoor tanning has also been seen to make scars appear less prominent on the skin. The reason why scars stand out on skin is because they’re a shade darker than the rest of your complexion. What tanning does is darken the skin to the same level is that of the scars. Just apply a sunscreen lotion on your scars before tanning indoors and you’re good to go.

It Can Help Along Your Weight Loss Efforts

UV light helps to stimulate your body’s metabolism, making it burn fat faster. It also nudges along the thyroid gland to boost its activity. For people who feel discouraged by their weight loss efforts that are going nowhere, indoor tanning is worth a try.

It Reduces Jaundice Skin

People who have a slightly yellow-ish tinge to their complexion have jaundice skin. It can either be a sign of liver problems—in which case, you should consult the doctor—or a side effect of medications.

Indoor tanning can improve the sickly look of jaundice skin and help it to appear more revitalized and healthy.

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