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What does a VIP Glo member get?

Unlimited tanning at any of the four Glo locations!
Level 2 for free before Noon.
Upgrades are half off in the AM seven days a week.
Upgrades in the PM are discounted seven days a week.
Member receives 15% off product throughout the whole month.
Although, the first week of every month they receive 25% off all product.
VIP Members can enjoy 25% off a single sunless session per month.
Other exclusive VIP offers throughout the year!

Why is it awesome?
Being part of our VIP program will set you apart from the rest! You will get the best that Glo has to offer! Not only will you save money on your tanning you will also receive all the advantages and perks that the VIP Membership comes with!

How does it compare to other tanning spas?
It’s an exclusive membership that we feel a connection to our VIP and always offer them the best of what Glo offers. From what I understand we do our VIP package very well and offer the best rates on our upgrades when compared to others. Also, we are exclusively tanning & sunless – this is our specialty! You do not clean your own bed like the gym tanning services. We take care of you and provide you with all the best products and services offered in a very clean environment specialized for your relaxation and enjoyment!

What can a GLO VIP member expect when they come to the location?

You can expect to be cared for with good quality interaction from our staff and they will help to provide you with all your tanning needs. A neat program we also offer here at Glo is holding on to members tanning lotion and eyewear. It’s not required that you leave your product here but more to offer to those that would like to enjoy the convenience of keeping it here in the salon so it’s all set to go for you when you are ready to tan!
[It’s never good to leave your product in the car – hot sun or cold temperatures can ruin your product!]
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