Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

The warmer season is on its way. And that means time for the leather jackets and wooly sweaters to retire!

It also means it’s time to get that summer tan going on. Getting the perfect bronzed goddess look is as simple as a trip to a tanning salon.

No need to spend hours lying in the sun trying to get the perfect tan; with a spray tan, you’ll be sporting just the right sun-kissed glow this summer. A spray tan is your perfect tanning solution; you don’t need to fear turning into an orange pumpkin or risk looking unnatural. A professionally done indoor tanning session will result in a gorgeous glow that will definitely make your summer better.

But if it’s your first time stepping foot inside a spray tan booth, hold on! Read these tips before you get your tan done.

1. Remember to Exfoliate Before Going

Before you get a tan, scrub and exfoliate your entire body with a good body scrub. It will slough off the dead skin layer and soften any dry patches on your body. This will aid a smoother application of the spray tan and will prevent it from looking splotchy or streaky.

2. Wax and Shave Prior to Tanning

Before you get your spray tan, remember to wax or shave first rather than doing it afterwards. If you have long leg hair, they will catch on to the spray tan solution and cause a cross-hatch pattern to appear on your legs. Also, if you shave after getting a spray tan, the color may fade more quickly.

3. Keep Clothing in Mind

Keep Clothing in Mind

In order to get a flawless tan, strip down completely. We recommend either going naked, or wearing tiny underwear and keeping tan lines in mind when it comes to a spray tan.

4. Don’t Wear Deodorant, Makeup, or any Accessories

Deodorant and makeup will act as a barrier against the tanning solution and will prevent that area from getting tanned equally to the rest of the body. Same goes for accessories and jewelry. Make sure your remove everything beforehand.

5. Wait for the First Shower

Ideally, you should wait at least 6-8 hours before taking your first shower after a spray tan session. If water of any kind comes into contact with your skin before this time, you will get streaks. So, don’t shower, don’t cry, and definitely don’t get into a water fight. But when you do take a shower, remember to pat, not rub, your skin dry.

6. It Will Get Darker Before It Gets Light

If you feel like your spray tan is looking way darker than it should, don’t worry, that’s what it’s supposed to look like.

The tanning solution will develop over the 8 hours and will get darker before it settles into the perfect bronze shade. Also, the best color will show up after your first shower.

7. Moisturize Every Day

After you have taken your first shower after the spray tan, remember to moisturize and hydrate your skin daily. Just avoid using any oil-based moisturizers as they can make your skin blotchy. Try lighter ones instead.

Now that you know a few basic tips to tide you over your first spray tan session, visit us at Glo Sun and Shades to get the deed done.

We offer affordable indoor tanning packages and provide top-quality sunless tanning services. Our Versa Spray Sunless Tanning spray tan is guaranteed to show desirable results. We also offer one free spray tan on the purchase of 2 sessions!

Contact us now at 231-375-5300!

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